Age Group: 3-8yrs Junior classes seek to engage young children's natural curiosity by introducing them to the practical applications of technology in their daily lives. The classes include interactive projects, engaging literature, and enjoyable demonstrations to foster exploration. Through self-discovery and teamwork, students not only build confidence but also establish a foundational framework for their future education. This approach aids in a better understanding of theoretical concepts encountered in school, contributing to a meaningful and lasting impact on their learning.


Age Group: 9-12yrs Apprentice engages in hands-on classes where they design, build, test, and re-engineer solutions to engineering challenges. The curriculum integrates the Engineering Design Process into both individual and team lessons, fostering a mindset that views setbacks as a normal part of the learning process. Emphasizing continual improvement, students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, promoting confidence in trying new things.


Age Group: 13-18yrs Maestro classes are exploring their role in the world, seeking opportunities to make a meaningful impact. Through classes that offer a fun and low-pressure environment, students are encouraged to explore potential career paths. The focus is on empowering students to think creatively and devise their solutions to real-world problems. These classes emphasize problem-solving and collaboration, allowing students to team up with like-minded peers, and demonstrate the practical applications of math and science in modern technology.