Joshua Asambo

Founder & C.E.O

As the Founder & CEO of the company, Joshua is a seasoned and results-oriented professional with a 14-year track record in project management, with the last 5 years being with software development. His expertise lies in leading complex, multi-disciplinary projects, particularly in software development with artificial intelligence working for esteemed global organizations in Europe. Joshua has experience leading projects for clients or employers such as Shell Global, LeasePlan Global (now Ayvens), and Macadam Europe, all located in The Netherlands & Belgium with subsidiary companies throughout Europe and the world. He is passionate about equipping today's learners and businesses for the technological advancements shaping the future. His dream is to see all school-going Africans have the opportunity to learn STEAM & Robotics and foster a brighter future for everyone. Additionally, he envisions SMEs thriving with the aid of digital management tools.

Herbert Djanie

Business Lead

Herbert is a highly dedicated and results-driven IT professional with over a decade of experience in various IT domains, including IT Support, System Control services, Cybersecurity, and IT Procurement. He possesses proficiency in STEAM and Robotics, showcasing competence and passion in these areas. Herbert has a track record of delivering innovative resource management initiatives, demonstrating cross-functional leadership, and providing exceptional customer support. His exemplary problem-solving abilities reflect his commitment to driving operational efficiency and continuous improvement. Notably, Herbert is dedicated to advancing STEAM and Robotics education, leveraging his wealth of experience to implement and enhance educational programs. His professional journey underscores his commitment to excellence, making him a valuable asset in the dynamic field of information technology and this position.


Technical Lead

Innovative and results-driven Technical Lead with a solid IT background and extensive experience in ICT, product design, tech sales, and customer-centric solutions. Proven expertise in leading cross-functional teams, driving technical innovation, and delivering cutting-edge robotics, STEAM, and ICT solutions tailored to diverse customer requirements. Demonstrated ability to lead and mentor teams of engineers and developers in designing and implementing advanced robotics, STEAM, and ICT solutions. Proven track record of conceptualizing, designing, and delivering bespoke products that align with customer needs and market trends. Adept at understanding customer pain points, developing tailored solutions, and driving successful tech sales initiatives to meet revenue targets. Skilled in fostering collaborative environments, bridging technical and business teams, and aligning resources to achieve strategic objectives. Strong aptitude for identifying technological opportunities, solving complex challenges, and integrating emerging technologies into product development.

Elizabeth Ocran

Robotics & STEAM Facilitator

With her proven track record in education, she excels in lesson planning, curriculum development, and providing instructions to learners. As a Robotics/STEAM Facilitator, Elizabeth combines her passion for technology with education, inspiring learners to explore science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics through hands-on activities. Her key skills include curriculum development, individualized instruction, classroom management, creative lesson planning, and integrating technology into education. Elizabeth’s mission is to create an educational environment that sparks curiosity, fosters creativity, and instills a lifelong love for learning in every student. This mission aligns with the broader goals of iTechMindz.